WhatsApp vs Telegram which is better?

whatapp vs telegram which is better
During the past year, Facebook and WhatsApp have criticized the infamous Cambridge Analytica data breach led by Mark Zuckerberg and the inability to curb fake news around the world.
Telegram, on the other hand, is dealing with legal issues from the Russians to deny their users private encryption keys. It is clear to see that both Telegram and WhatsApp have different stance on users’ privacy and data.
So, if it is a privacy concern that bothers you or you want to avoid the mainstream, Telegram seems like a good option. However, it has to be said that WhatsApp is also not far behind. WhatsApp and Telegram both have similar features like picture-in-picture viewing, support for stickers, in addition to basic messaging features, Broadcasting, group, but at the same time, both also have different features.
Therefore, differences will be highlighted so that users have more clarity and can choose which will better fit their messaging service.

The background

In 2009, former Yahoo employees !, Brian Acton and Jan Koum came together to include WhatsApp. It is quite ironic to note that both Koum and Acton were rejected by Facebook, which subsequently acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $ 19 billion.
A few years later, Telegram came into existence in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who founded the first popular Russian social network KK. He had to leave the company after being acquired by the Mail.ru Group.

How is Telegram a better bet than WhatsApp?

Secret conversation
This end-to-end encryption chat feature allows users to set timers on messages for self-destruct after a specified time. Users also receive notifications for screenshots and secret chats cannot be forwarded.
The bot
Unique to Telegram, the bot is a program based on AI and machine learning that can perform various tasks. For example, an image bot can get a picture with a name. There are several types of bots with image bot, gif bot and sticker bot which are the most popular.
cloud storage
Telegram’s cloud storage allows images, text messages, media files, and documents to be saved to its cloud, with users also able to backup and log in and restore, not a cause for concern.
Username feature
Ensuring the privacy of a user’s contact number with a public username, users are allowed to chat with others on Telegram even if they do not have the contact numbers of others.
Supergroups and channels
While the groups are on WhatsApp, one channel is for Telegram, however, the channels can have an unlimited number of members. The creator of the channel acts as an administrator who can decide on which users can post and other members can view posts on the channels.
Multi-platform support
Unlike WhatsApp which requires a mobile app to run, Telegram has independent apps for all platforms.
Media compression
Telegram’s media compression allows users to choose whether they want to compress the image and video, or simply send uncompressed versions.
voice call
Now, the latest version of Telegram has a voice call feature.
File sharing up to 1.5GB
Telegram users can send any type of file up to 1.5GB. On the Othe side, WhatsApp restricts have a limit of 16 MB for each video, you can send max 30 picture over chat, and document type

WhatsApp is better than Telegram?

user base
In Feb 2020, WhatsApp stated that it had 2 billion active users while in the same year on 24th April 2020 Telegram had 300 million monthly active users which is significantly less than the number of users served by WhatsApp.
To eliminate encryption everywhere
WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption for all chats, while Telegram only uses it for its secret chats.
Voice and video call
WhatsApp supports voice as well as video calls.
Read delivery and notification
WhatsApp lets the sender know about the status of delivery and read messages by another user.

Whatsapp or telegram?

So, here WhatsApp has some better option that is group video calls, a greater user base, end-to-end encryption everywhere, although it lags behind features such as limited file sharing and cloud storage.
Telegram, on the other hand, remains behind various bots, file sharing, platform compatibility, and privacy, however, with no video call support and a small user base. You can watch some channels on Telegram where you also get movies, latest news, and stock market-related information.etc
 well, I am using Both Applications. Now you can have your pick!

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