Radhe (2021) Movie Review:-

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Radhe – Your Most wanted Bhai

Release Date : 13th May,2021

Director : Prabhudeva

Music By : Sanchit Balhara , Ankit Balhara

Song : Sajid-wajid ,Himesh Reshammiya,

Produced By: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Atul Agnihotri

Language : Hindi

Rating :

After capturing the dreaded gangster Gani Bhai, Salman Khan comes back to the city to reduce the crime rate and Clean the city. They are seen fighting a gang who are doing secretly drugs business in the city.

The story of the film is based on the 2017 Korean film The Outlaws. The film stars Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda and Jackie Shroff and is directed by Prabhudheva. you can watch this movie on zee 5.

Story of Radhe movie

The film begins with Rana who is a criminal who comes to Mumbai and starts his own drug business.
Due to drug addiction, the lives of many young people are getting worse from bad to worse. To prevent this, the Mumbai police summons Radhe, who has her own way of working and punishing the culprits.

Then in 10 years, there is an entry of encounter specialist Radhe with 23 transfers. Salman Khan is entered and as soon as he starts dialogue in his tapori style. Dialogue same as wanted movies “Radhe not go, send to come and your part biryani we will all eat together and speak Eid Mubarak “ (“राधे जाने के लिए नहीं, भेजने के लिए आया हे और तेरे हिस्से की बिरयानी हम सब मिल बाट कर खाएंगे और बोलेंगे ईद मुबारक”) .

So Salman Khan also wished his fans here on Eid. This is followed by the entry of senior Jackie Shroff from Radhe. This is followed by the entry of Jackie Shroff’s sister Disha Patani. Whenever these three meet, they create an atmosphere of fun. One character is introduced in the entire film one after the other, but no background is shown as to why that character is in the film.

Apart from Rana, two more criminals are ruling in Mumbai, Dilawar and Dagdu Dada. As Radhe beats them both, they become like wet cat. Datta Pavle and Golden Bhai were better than these characters. Slowly as the story progresses, Rana starts his drug business all over Mumbai. First, he snatches the area of Dilawar by killing Dilawar with the help of Mansur. Mansur is the brother of Dilawar and then he gets an eye on Dagdu Dada’s area where some big hotels, clubs etc there where his drug business can run more.

Then Rana and his two companions go to a club and are abusing some of the girls of the club and Rana murders him with 2 people. Then by the time she reaches the police, it is very late, but the good thing is that now Rana and both his companions have been identified by the police.
Then Radhe gets information that Rana is going to come to a club and he reaches to catch her. As Radhe and Rana face each other, Rana falls heavily on Radhe and pits Radhe badly. Then he runs away

Then the Mumbai Police asks Jackie Shroff to handover the case to another officer. Then Radhe makes a plan and with his help, he is successful in catching a partner of Rana. But Radhe fails to catch Rana again. After all, Radhe is successful in catching Rana. Rana’s case closed and city cleaned

Should you watch the radhe movie or not?

Talk about the story of the movie, the screenplay is very poor. The same old acting of Salmanbhai that we have seen in movies like Wanted, Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda he. There is nothing new in this movie. The story is also predictable.

Siddharth Jadav aka Ranjit Mavani’s role is more than heroin’s role and if he has given so much screen time then why not to Disha Patani?

Song seeti maar has been copied from Allu Arjun film DJ – Duetwada Jagannadham. Seeti mar and tittle song of Radhe movie is good. background music is also good. because of the music and randeep hooda”s acting, we can give 2 star to this movie. Corona Pandemic is going on and we are all at home so you can watch it in your free time. Plus point is that you will not have much money this time because the movie has been released on the OTT platform, so you can watch it at home with the family for less money.

If you are a fan of Salman Khan then this movie is for you. In this, you will get to see everything that Salman Bhai’s fans want to see, like Salman Bhai’s style, dance, comedy and dialogue. a complete family movie.

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